Tam Coc Caves

Tam Coc CavesLocation: Ninh Binh Province

Overview: Tam Coc has been called “island Ha Long Bay”. Tam Coc means three tunnel caves, entailing Ca Cave, Hai Cave and Ba Cave. Tam Coc can also be called Tam Thuy Dong as the Ngo Dong River wends through all three tunnel caves that have bored through the limestone hills.

The enchanting world of Tam Coc can only entered from the Van Lam Wharf. Here, visi-tors travel by rowboat on the Ngo Dong River about 3km to visit all three caves. The first is Ca Cave which is 127m long and 20m wide. The next is Hai Cave of 60m long and 18m wide which is reached by traveling about 1km from Ca Cave. And the last is Ba Cave with 50m long and 18m wide located near Hai Cave These caves are adorned with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites of different shapes and colors that sparkle like gemstones.

This is very peaceful and scenic trip while admiring a magnificent view of the river, mountain, and caves. Worth visiting Tam Coc takes place in March, or the end May and early June. In March, the Ngo Dong River peacefully blends with green rice fields and cotton trees having red flowers in the spring. At the end of May and early June, the Ngo Dong River goes together with fields of ripe rice covered the yellow color. During the time, boats carrying tourists in and out of Tam Coc are mingled with the locals transporting harvested rice.

(Source: Vietnam Tourist Guidebook)

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