Dich Long Cave

Dich Long CaveLocation: Gia Thanh Commune, Gia Vien District, Ninh Binh Province

Overview: Dich Long Cave was found in 1739. It is as large as a ten-room house. Because, there is a stone inside that looks like a Buddha statue, a Buddhist altar was built and, in 1740, the cave became a Buddhist Pagoda. It shelters statues of Buddha, Arhats and a guarding colossus standing on stone pedestals. In particular, there are two beautiful status carved from one block of  blue stone.

The cave has three sub-caves that are linked together, namely, the caves of Buddha. Darkness, and Brightness.

The Dich Long Cave gives visitors the feeling of being lost in a stone world of stalactites. There are stalactites of various shapes, such as a drinking elephant, a kneeling elephant, a reclining tiger, a dancing phoenix, a drinking dragon, and an ape with a baby on its back. Every wall and ceiling in the grotto is a work of art created by nature and time.

The colors of the stalactites in the cave change with the brightness of the sun. Early in the morning the have a pink color, which turns into twinkling crystal in the midday, and then to red at sunset. It is as if there were ways heaven and to hell from the cave.

The shadowy beauty of the cave has been complimented in many poems. King Minh Mang himself called it Nam thien de tam dong (the third most beautiful cave in Viet Nam).

(Source: Vietnam Tourist Guidebook)