Tam Thanh Cave

Tam Thanh CaveTam Thanh cave is near Nhi Thanh cave. It includes three caves, which are Nhat Thanh, Nhi Thanh, Tam Thanh. The most famous one is Tam Thanh, which is in the West of Ky Lua street and in a range figuring the group of elephants sitting on a green grass land.

Tam Thanh cave is in the medium height of the mountain. Its gate faces the East with the height of 8m. There are many trees around to cover the sunlight. The right cave cliff is carved with the poem of Ngo Thi Sy when he was the head of Lang Son to describe the beauty of this land. The general meaning of this poem is: β€œThe spring flows like hundreds of rocks are chatting. Looking back could see the Vong Phu Mountain.” There is also a statue of Buddha with magnificent stalactites.

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