Son Moc Huong cave

Son Moc Huong caveSon Moc Huong cave (or Bat Grotto of Moc Chau) is a familiar name for visitors to Moc Chau district, Son La Province. It is an artistic masterpiece, a national landscape that is gifted for Moc Chau plateau.

From the Moc Chau town, back for 300m to Son La township, Doi Cave is on the right hand and it is about 150m from the national highway no 6. The cave gate is facing the South looking down a big valley, and there are seven small mountains in the valley, which are like seven gems.

It is said that there was a dragon flying to the South. When he passed this land, due to the coldness, he could not carry on and fell down here. Before dying, he coughs out seven gems, which turned to the Stone Mountain range, and seven gems, which turns to seven mountains. The dragon still turns to the seven gems like regretting about the old days. The cave gate looks like a dragon mouth. The paths along two banks like the edges of the mouth. The upper dragon jaw is like a natural cover roof, which is high and gliding to the inside. The cave floor (the lower jaw) is plain and could be enough for hundreds of people.

The images inside the cave are very magical. The stalactites inside are sparkling and colorful. There are many stalactites from the ceiling could be higher than 20m which is like ancient banyan-tree root. There are also many stalactites in the shapes of money tree, paddy, fairy man, elephant, lion, tiger, eagles and flying clouds, etc. Each stalactite has a name with the skillful hands of the nature, which could not be replaced by any human’s touching. The figures of the stalactites are unique and sophisticated, magical and lively. In the middle of the cave floor, there are dry ponds, which are about 200sq m. In the middle of the pond, there is a giant stone tortoise. The left sight of the lake, there is a stalactite, which is in the shape of a couple together together.

According to the legend, there was a prince of the King of the sea, he came to this land and loved the princess of the King of the land. He used the tortoise of the King to visit the princess. The king was angry and ordered to withdraw all the water to let him no way to come back. The prince was determined to marry his lover. Then, the couple was turned into stone to prove their love. Then the tortoise was touched and royal to his boss, and he was also turned into stone to stay with them. Though being mad with the prince, the king of the sea still gave chance for the life of his son. He created the paddy fields with the water lakes and dry lake and cattle for the new land.

With the unique of the cave, many visitors coming to this place have left comment: “The most beautiful cave in the West”. This vestige was acknowledged to be the national vestige by the department of Culture and Communication of Vietnam.