Thien Ha Cave

Thien Ha CaveBeing brought into exploiting since October 2010. Thien Ha grotto in Son Ha commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province has contributed to the tourism map’s variety.

Thien Ha cave is located in the hillside of the Tuong Mountain rang with the height of nearly 200m. To reach this cave, visitors have to be on bamboo boat to float over a small canal among the paddy fields for 1km before coming to the land and reach the cave. After strolling along the curling rocky path of the foot of Tuong Mountain for 500m, visitors would come to the cave gate. Being in front of the gate, all the toughness seems to be dissolved. The gate of the cave is about 4m high with thousands of stalactites in different features at the very beginning of it. Coming to the cave and looking back, people will see a sparkling light ribbon coming through the gate to reflect the stalactites. All the length of Thien Ha cave is about 700m with two areas: 200m dry cave and 500m water cave. Separating this two areas is a “heaven gate” which spread the natural light from the top, which opens the eyes of people with the stalactites colors. Under the natural hand, there are lots of shapes and figures of stalactites which inspire the curiosity of the visitors.

Coming to the water grotto, visitors would float on the underneath river which is name Galaxy. The galaxy appears with curling line under thousands of sparkling stalactites which suddenly on the right above curl of the cave ceiling. There are also many stalactites under different shapes, which need to be named. In the peaceful space, visitors would feel the sound of the oar striking clearly, the sound of water drop and thousands of bats inside the grotto. According to Ms. Ha, the boat rider, after coming to the bat area, the bats are alerted and fly scatter, however, they do not fly against or touch any visitors.

Mr. Ha Huy Loi, director of the agent who is assigned to exploit this complex, said this cave was discovered since 2007 and exploited since 2010. When it was newly discovered, there was a small gate and covered by trees. The hillside parts are full of mud and there is almost nothing in infrastructure. To come to the current point, there is so much to do.

Along with the But grotto which is next to it, Thien Ha cave is the new destination for visitors to come to Ninh Binh province.