Pu Sam Cap Cave

Pu Sam Cap CaveIf the nature has “pre-setup” for the North West part with the limestone ranges or the green forest ranging with rivers and spring, the historical of nature also left many landmarks with the living symbols of grottoes inside the hillside with the magical stalactites. All have made the visitors being moved.

One of the typical features for the tenacious creativities is located in Lai Chau province with the complex of grotto Pu Sam Cap which is newly discovered since July 2006 with more than 10 grottoes and caves. Among them, there are three main grottoes named Thien Mon, Thien Duong and Thuy Tinh which are compared with the sleepless woman in the forest. The natural beauty of Pu Sam Cap is not so less in comparison with any complex which is acknowledged to be the national and international landscape such as Phong Nha – Ke Bang (Quang Binh) or Thien Cung (Quang Ninh), etc.

Pu Sam Cap means “three overlapping big mountains” in local language. This is the name for the limestone mountain range with the topography type of karst, which is shaped from the Tectonics era. Pu Sam Cap complex is along the provincial road no 129 to Sin Ho plateau. It is about 6km from the West of Lai Chau Township, and it is on the height of 1,700m above the sea level. Coming to Pu Sam Cap, visitors have to go through a rough tortuous pathway with the ancient trees being stroked down by storms lying in the middle of the road. That makes the steps of the visitors full of magic and natural power of the jungle.

The interesting part of it is when visitors are hard to approach different types of stalactites; it is very easy for them to touch in Pu Sam Cap. This seems to be the advantage of this cave, but it has left many tough issues in preserving. Because it needs millions of years to create these masterpieces, but only small unawareness could harm them even in a blink of eyes.

Py Sam Cap cave is still too neglected and simple. There seem only some instruction plates to instruct the visitors to the Thien Mon or Thien Duong caves. There are also some of llight bowl are set up to help the visitors to witness the inside parts. Almost no large-scale investments are made to match the beauty of the Pu Sam Cap mountain girls.

It is hoped that in the near future, under the special treatment of the local authorities, Pu Sam Cap complex would become the bright point along with the latent values of the province. Pu Sam Cap will contribute to the tourism enhancement of Lai Chau to add on the unique colorful features of North West sonority.