Nguom Ngao cave

Nguom Ngao caveNguom Ngao cave is located in Gun hamlet, Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province. It has the neglected beauty with many praise and admired by many visitors.

According to the local people, the name of Nguom Ngao is put from the past when people passing this cave would hear the sound of lion and tigers inside. According to the scientists, Nguom Ngao was created for more than 300 millions of years. However, it is only discovered since 1921. In 1994, the local people began to bring the visitors to come to Nguom Ngao via plain road and river. In 2003, the tourism sector of Cao Bang officially exploits this cave and brings it into the interesting destination.

The length of Nguom Ngao is about 2144m, but it is only exploited for 980m. The inside parts are nearly original as it was with hundreds of unique figures and shapes. There are four pillars of supporting the sky rising like supporting the ceiling of the cave. Three lithophones with the sounds of T’rung, the statues of three abundances, the statues of old couple and also the tree of gold and silver sparkling, etc, all are gathering in this very place.

Nguom Ngao caveIn the hillside, there are some places with the sound of spring. In the past, whenever coming to this part, local people often ride the visitors on the small boats. In 14:00 of 22 April, there are annually three light meeting to create the hillside part clear and bright like morning in few minutes. It is a particular interesting natural phenomenon, which is gifted to Nguom Ngao.

Though Nguom Ngao is only 100km from Cao Bang Township and 300km from Hanoi, the road to come to this cave is still far and tortuous, however, its neglected beauty has attracted thousands of domestic and international visitors to come. Only in 2008, there are 10,000 participations of foreign visitors coming to Nguom Ngao.