Tu Thuc Cave

Tu Thuc CaveTu Thuc cave is also called Bich Dao cave. It is a limestone mountain range with many stalactites related to the legend of Tu Thuc meeting the fairy. In 1992, department of Culture and Communication have acknowledged this place to be the national vestige.

According to the open encyclopedia, this cave is located in Nga Thien commune, Nga Son district, Thanh Hoa province. In the period of America war, this cave is left fallow and the grass are free to grow in the gate of it. The special part of this is not only its stalactites but also the imagination love story between a human and a fairy: Tu Thuc boy and Giang Huong fairy girl.

There is a small temple in the cave called Son Than temple (temple of God of mountain). Above the cave gate, there are cliffs with the carving poem of Le Quy Don (famous teacher of Le dynasty) when he visited this cave in 17th century.

Along the length of the cave, there are many stalactites with different shapes, which are related to the legend of Tu Thuc and Giang Huong. The main cave has two parts: the outer part is large with the curving ceiling like a giant upturn bowl, the inner part has a stalactite looks like the fairy peach, therefore it is also called Bich Dao cave. On the smooth plate of stone, there is a relic of Tu Thuc. Following are the sparkling hills, which are compared to the different storage places: the gold store is the sparkling lumps in yellow color, the salt store contains small stalactites with white color, the rice store is more interesting with smooth rocks, which are connected to each other, and all are in sliver brown color. Coming to the inner part, there are three incarnations, which are buffalo, goat, pig, a big feast, which are similar to a natural feast set up since many years. Coming deep into the inner part, the hillside is larger with many relics of the love between Giang Huong and Tu Thuc.

There are also two footprints on the rock, which are on from unknown time. They are said to be the footprint of Tu Thuc. At the back of the cave, there is a mountain named Than Phu and a cave called Doi cave, etc.

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