Me Cung Cave

Me Cung CaveMe Cung cave is located in Ha Long bay, only 2km from the South West of Ti Top beach. It gate looks like the house, which is carved into the island body. The cave is on Lom Bo islet in the height of 25m above the sea level. Is it the reason for the attraction from domestic and international visitors to name it Me Cung? (Maze cave).

The hillside of Me Cung is separated into many parts. However, it is very narrow but it is very beautiful with stalactites and familiar images with Vietnamese people like statue and patterns.

The coming gate is only enough for one person and there is a light inside the hillside, which is the way-out. After coming out of the cave, there is a small lake with pure water with creature world inside like fish, shrimp, squid, coral, etc.

Besides, there are many ancient trees, which could be named and felt by every visitor. Right in Me Cung cave, there are also many relics of the pre Ha Long culture with the era of newly stone which about 7000 to 10,000 years from now. The Melia spring is about 1,2m thick and locates in the outside.

All prove that Ha Long is the place of pre-culture of Ha Long, which is still available until now. On the island, the ancient trees reflect upon the water. This is also the residence of birds, monkey, etc. Me Cung cave also contribute to the excitement of the tour on Halong Bay. It would be a mistaken if you come to Halong without a visit to Me Cung cave.