Thien Duong cave

Thien Duong caveBeing raised with the name “Royal palace underground”, Thien Duong (in Quang Binh province) is one of the most magnificent and mysterious in the world.

From Dong Hoi city, we were driving for more than one hour to come to the centre of ecological travel of Thien Duong cave. There is a special thing that I love was the appearance of the electric cars which are very environmental friendly.

Coming through 524 stone steps is a limestone range, which is hard to figure. Inside the complex of the limestone of Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park, there is a high and long cave (31km). It was surprised that the entrance is only enough for one or two people stepping. We follow each other with eagerness and fluttering.

Stepping through the small entrance, there is a cool air tapping on our body, my heart was like faster beating and I looked around to feel like being on an untrue land. There are no words to describe the beauty of Thien Duong cave. Because the temperature of Thien Duong cave is always from 20-21 degree Celsius, we could feel the cool air from the cave were opposite to the heat of 36-37 degree outside. The floor of the cave is soft soil and quite flat which is suitable for visitors.

In order to serve people in witnessing without interference to the floor, there is a wood path built. The journey on this longest wood path of Vietnam made us passionate and looks the Thien Duong like the sparkling castle with many stalactites of many shapes. The management board has made many white lights for witnessing the real color of the stalactite. Each person feels the shapes of stalactites in each way. That could be the house of Central highland, the curtain or the colorful picture, etc.

There is one more interesting thing that is there is a pure lake inside the cave that is not be able to find the source. There was part of cool water dropping from the stone floor to create the mysterious sounds. From the deep of the cave, there is a strange part of stalactites, which are not seen in any other cave. Those silver white round and big seeds, which look like iron coins arranged next to each other on a wide slope of stone. We could pick up to witness.