Hua Ma cave

Hua Ma caveHua Ma cave (in Ba Be lake of Bac Kan province) is located in the halfway up the mountain. There are lots of beautiful stalactites with different shapes which are created during many million years. In the south of Ba Be and the Leng river of Quang Khe commune, the Co Don Mountain (lonely mountain) is superb in the area of Leo Pen (Ghost jungle) with the green and bushy trees.

In the halfway up the mountain, there is a strange cave in the hillside, which is in the orient of East South and secluded all year round. Local people call it Leo Pen cave, which is closed to the mysterious legend.

Local people said that this area was occupied by ghost and evil in the past, therefore, there are often sound of howling from Hua Ma cave in the afternoon until evening which letting no one dare to pass around that area.

There was a general of the court passed through the area and it was almost evening when he passed Len River. The horse of him did not dare to pass the river due to his premonition of something not safe.

At the same time, there were howling from Leo Pen grotto, and the general ask the local people to know that was the sound of the souls of victims of injustice who defeated the enemy with the court. They hold their ground in the cave and the enemy did not know how to do but cover the entrance, which prevented their souls from salvation.

Understanding the issue, the general ordered to offering the ceremony to pray for the peace of the souls. After ceremony, the howling disappeared and there are stalactites from time to time.

Since then, local people called the cave Hua Ma or “Dau Ngua” (horse head) in the local language.

After years of being neglected, in 2004, Hua Ma was exploited by the department of Culture and Communication of Bac Kan province and the management boad of Ba Be national park.

In the height of 350m above the sea level, from the foot of Co Don Mountain, visitors go along the staircase on the gliding mountain to come to the entrance gate. Hua Ma cave is more than 700m long; the ceiling is from 40 to 50m tall with many sparkling and splendid stalactites. Coming to the cave, people would feel the comfortable air and space due to the vast hillside and the spaces are connected.

Many visitors come to Hua Ma cave supposed that in comparison with the already exploited caves in Vietnam such as Thien Cung, Phong Nha – Ke Bang, etc, Hua Ma is such a first class beautiful landscape in cave.

Up to the imagination of each person, the stalactites appear in different shapes: there is the image of Xuan Zang master and followers, this is the image of a meeting in the court, and there is lotus, equisetum, etc. The white and black stalactites from the ceiling and the floor of the cave interest people.