Tam Cung cave

Tam Cung caveThe cave is located in the centre of Halong Bay. It is about 5km to the East North of Sung Sot grotto (Surprised Grotto). There are three spaces in this cave, which needs the passing through many stone slits, and there are many stalactites in the shape of human, flower and beautiful animals. Tam Cung cave is in May Den island, an almost neglected island to the others. May Den Island has the vertical cliff and beautiful trees around.

In the whole three spaces, there are natural shapes of stalactites such as the fairy man with snowy hair, the three thoughtful abundances, lions, seal, etc.

Coming to the first space, people realize there is some sounds like T’rung musical instrument. To the next surprise, they would see the fairy man leaning against his stick and the thoughtful three abundances on the cliff to watch the daily lives. And from the ceiling, there is a classifier of hydrangea blossoming in the jungle of stalactites.

From the first to the second space, people have to pass through a narrow slits with rough steps. This is a natural museum with lion, seal, statue god of sea, etc. And in the middle of the second space is a fairy spring which flows all year round with fresh water.

In the last space, visitors would see the grandiose embossment with strange shapes but in a very sophisticated way.