Tien Phi Cave

Tien Phi CaveTien Phi Cave in Hoa Binh province is locaed in the complex of Hoa Binh township. It is on the same tourism route with Hoa Binh hydroelectric plant and becomes the attractive destination for tourists.

It is on the Thuc hill (or Thung Phi hill) with the gate faces the East North. From the outside to 10m inside, there is a high ceiling, which is cool and comfortable. There are some parts of rough stone inside the hill and the floor soil is dry in dark color. The stalactites from the ceiling have many lively shapes. In the ceiling, there is a hole to the top, which let through the natural light and make it more sparkling. This cave is like a castle, which is silent and grave with the lively stone shapes world inside.

Coming inside for 10 more meters, looking to the left up side, there is a shape of fairy that is lying on a five-color hammock with the long romantic hair. In the next ceiling is the group of fairy who are flying with clouds around.

On the way down there are shapes of Buddha, Jesus Christ and a lion sleeping to guard. In these sparkling ceiling of the cave, visitors would feel like coming to the former kings and the natural masterpieces are keeping the visitors.