Con Moong Cave

Con Moong CaveCon Moong grotto is located in Thanh Trung village, Thanh Yen commune of the mountainous district Thach Thanh, Thanh Hoa province. It is a familiar location for the archeologist in Vietnam and in the world.

In the deep part of Con Moong, the relics of the ancient people are still available in the full way.

Nowadays, department of Culture – Tourism and Sport of Thanh Hoa province has recommended this to be the world heritage to UNESCO.

Potential of historical tourism and ecotourism

Located in the buffer zone of Cuc Phuong national park, it is a 40m long grotto with two heads. The ceiling has the height of 10m in some area, it is remarkable for being the archeologist site with many mysterious features. Beside the excavation times, there are many internal and external visitors come here to visit and research.

Being guarded, Con Moong is still natural with the plentiful system of creatures. There are signs of ancient people. All the original forest around are kept with many precious wood trees and many wild animals like monkey, bear, deer, etc.

In order to come to Con Moong grotto, visitors could use different ways. People who love discover the national park of Cuc Phuong could go to this jungle path to come to the grotto (under the instruction of tourguide in Ninh Binh province).

If you go on plain road, you could start from Thanh Hoa city from Kim Tan township in Thach Thanh district to come to Thanh  Yen commune. If tourists go from Hanoi on Ho Chi Minh road, you could go from Thach Quang commune.

Archeologist value

According to the archeologist material, this grotto was discovered in 1975, and almost excavated in 1976. The cultural layer in the grotto is very thick (3-3.2m). It contains the relics of many eras from the old stone to new stone. According to the research via Carbon method, there are more than 10 models of Vietnam’s archeologist institute, which proves the date of the earliest layer from 15,000 years. The middle layer is 10,000 years, and the upper layer is 7,000 years.

The typical value of Con Moong is discovering the relics of the development process of human beings from the prehistoric to the new stone, from hunting to planting. This is the achievement of human being’s culture.

The related vestiges like Nguoi Xua cave, Dang grotto, Moc Long grotto, Lai grott, etc along with Con Moong grotto have created the complex of vestiges about the ancient people.