Pac Bo Cave

Pac Bo CavePac Bo is in Truong Ha commune, Ha Quang district, Cao Bang province that is about 55km from the north of Cao Bang Township.

Pac Bo is the famous revolution vestige where president Ho Chi Minh was living and working to lead the Vietnam’s revolution. Pac Bo means “source mouth” according to the local language.

There is a grotto named Coc Bo in Pac Bo vestige, which was chosen by president Ho Chi Minh after more than 30 years tramping abroad to find the way to release the nation. In this place, he was directly leading the Vietnam’s revolution.

There are some vestiges in this complex:

  • Bo Bam grotto, Co Rac ground, Coc Bo grotto.
  • Le Nin spring, Karl Marx Mountain.
  • Nam spring: where uncle Ho Chi Minh directly trained the officials and held a lot of meetings for the central committee.

Walking along the rocks on the spring, you will be on the place where uncle Ho often worked and went fishing. There is a wood bridge crossing to the gate of Coc Bo grotto. This is the source of Le Nin spring. Pac Bo appears beside the rough mountain cliff. From the gate of the grotto, we could look down to see the handwriting of Uncle Ho: “8th February 1941” which is the date he came to this grotto – a small cold and far from the mountains clits grotto which is not noticed by any people.

About 1000m in front of Pac Bo gate, there is a small tent beside Khuoi Nam spring, this is the location of the 8th central committee meeting to announce the decision to prepare the arm and establishing the Viet Minh and Revolution base. It is just some foot walk from this tent; we could reach the 108th landmark point in the border of Vietnam – China border.

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