Phuong Hoang Cave

Phuong Hoang CavePhuong Hoang (Phoenix) grotto is located in Phuong Hoang Mountain in Vo Nhai district, which is about 45km from Thai Nguyen city. In the foot of the mountain, there is a small spring grotto called Mo Ga spring (chicken mouth). Phuong Hoang grotto, Phuong Hoang Mountain, and Mo Ga spring are the beautiful complex, which is in the first place of Thai Nguyen province with the grandiose natural landscape and beautiful grottoes.

Phuong Hoang Mountain is close related to the stories of the couple of phoenix.

From the foot of this mountain, we could come to Phuong Hoang grotto through the rugger rock path. The grotto has three layers: the upper layer is Bat grotto (Hang Doi), the middle layer is Bright Grotto (Hang Sang), and the last layer is Dark Grotto (Hang Toi). The light from the entrance makes the stalactites inside more sparkling. Standing in front of these stalactites, visitors would be free to let their imagination with the shapes of mother carrying her child, pre-historical human beings hunting the animals, etc.

In the foot of this mountain, there is a grotto of Mo Ga Spring, its entrance gate is about 10m large and it has a source of water from the inside. In front of the grotto, there are lots of washing places and rock plates. The landscape is great combination between water and mountain.

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