Thac Bo Cave

Thac Bo Cave

Thac Bo cave

Thac Bo cave is located in Chua mountain range, which is next to the lakeside of Da River, in Bung commune, Ngoi Hoa commune, Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province.

From the centre of Hoa Binh city, along the road to the port of hydroelectric plant for more 7km, the boat woud take you to the upstream of Da River for about 17km to reach Chua Mountain, which is right next to the water line. On the dry season, visitors would have to climb nearly 100 staircases to the entrance of the cave. However, in the full water, the boat could take you to that point.
Thac Bo cave is located right in the North hillside of Chua Mountain range. The entrance is 25m high, 20m wide, in Ngoi Hoa commune. This limestone mountain range is about 8km long and close to the lake of Hoa Binh hydroelectric plant.

From Ngoi Hoa commune, Chua mountain range looks impressive, grandiose and superb on the land of sky and water of Da River in the dry season.

The cave is 100m thick. The inside part of the cave is rough with the different width. The widest part is about 20m. It is separated into three main big rooms.

The first room is clean and clear with high dome. This is set like a waiting room or a big living room. The stalactites are not much but very impressive. They are not separated locating but gathering in the big groups to help us imagine about the pictures of abstract paintings. Especially, with the mark of time, we could see the whole scene of the symbol the carp fish turning to dragon.

From the outside, we have to cross a small bridge across the lake of 30m long. In the dry season, the lake has no water; it only has the water when the Da River flows through the entrance of the cave. The water is not deep but pure to have the view of swimming fish (fish from the river swimming to the cave).

Along the path, visitors would see the strange statues of stone, which is emerging from the floor with the height of nearly 2m. We could imagine this is a tour guide of the cave, which is instructing the visitors.

Crossing the lake, visitors would be surprised to see the fairy girls inside. It would be said to be the most impressive place, the centre and the soul of the cave. All the sensational, the sparkling of the cave is all here. Coming to this room, first impression of visitor would be surprised and overwhelmed. All the forest of stalactites is racing to emerge with the strange shapes.

In the middle of the cave, there is a big pillar with the small pillars around like the bald cypress tree. Up above the head, there are the ceilings of hundreds of stalactites, which are hanging down. They are also carved into strange shapes and smoothly moving.

The right room of the cave is 10m higher than the main room. The road to this room is a bit tortuous and hard to climb, which is leading the visitors to a strange finding and exploring the mystery. Being the big room with the length of 30m, the width of 15m, high dome and clear air, it is considered the place to honor the Buddha: The pillars raising from the floor like the altars. They are quite neat arranged with the Buddha statues from low to high.

The system of cave is a lively museum, which contains the evidence of climate changes and topography and animals or even human’s activities.