Ta Phin cave

Ta Phin cave

Ta Phin cave

Located in the gateway of the North East, about 10km from Sapa town, Ta Phin has become an attractive destination to the tourists before coming to the other destinations in Sapa. Ta Phin has many advantages in developing the culture-history tourism, community tourism and ecology tourism.

Coming to Ta Phin, the first thing that tour guides would tell visitors is the historical vestiges, which are imprinted by time with the special architecture in the commune. If Sapa town is beautiful for its pensiveness by the church in the fog, Ta Phin has the ancient monastery in the middle of the forest. The monastery was built since October 1942. It is still available with many cultural and architectural features.

Ta Phin attracts the international and domestic visitors for its traditional handicrafts. Firstly, the tradition of making medicines from herbal trees of the local Dao people. The Red Dao inherits a medical remedy for many precious treatments that would not be owned by any other ethnic groups. There is a remedy for woman after delivery. Woman just needs to soak herself in the herbal water and she could be prevented from inflammation and dermatophyte. The remedy for foot soaking is collection of more than 20 types of leaves that would cure the aches and pains in legs. There are many households in Ta Phin open the service of washing with medical leaves, which attract many customers. This special service has created a new life for the local people. There is also a company in the commune, which is specialized in local specialties. That company attracts more than 40 households to join in the stakeholders and sell the products for people in every part of the country. Their products attract many domestic and international customers.

Apart from developing the medical, Ta Phin people also keeping the job of embroider and brocade making for the tourists. Many visitors said walking through Ta Phin, seeing the ladies in the sun and making the brocade on the rocks beside the road, they feel just exciting about the people and activities of people in the West North mountain. The brocade club attracts more than 200 women from Mong, Dao ethnic group to join and enhance their income.

There is no waterfall, Ham Rong Mountain, but Ta Phin also has the other interesting. Along the path to the deep of the mountain, Ta Phin cave appears under the light with many stalactites of fairy girls, which helps us, feel like being in the fairy cave.

With the wild nature, cool and pure climate, friendly people, Ta Phin is attracting many visitors with many different tourism services. In the weekends, each of tourist group come to Ta Phin as much as going to festival. There are some guests staying in the house with home stay form, and directly live like local people.

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