Trinh Nu Cave – Trong Cave

Trinh Nu Cave – Trong Cave

Trinh Nu Cave

Trinh Nu cave (Virgin cave) is located in Bo Hon island range, which is in the same system of Sung Sot cave, Dong Tien Lake, Luon cave, etc. About 15km from the south of Bai Chay beach. Fishermen consider Trinh Nu cave their sweet home, and couple consider it a symbol of love.

The French named this cave Le virgin. There is a legend of a beautiful fisher girl in a poor family. Her family members were forced to work for the master of the fishing area. The master found the girl was pretty and he forced her family to give her in marriage. She did not accept because she already had a lover and the boy was on a fishing tour to prepare for their wedding day. The master could not do anything but let her to a neglected island to let her dead tired and exhausted. In a rainy evening, she turned into rock in here. The boy knew about the girl’s calamity and come to find her. At night, when he was pushed into an island, he was also exhausted and he used a rock to strike on the cliff to notify to the girl. However, it was no use and the boy turned into rock.

Nowadays, there are two opposite islands with two statues in two cavees named Trinh Nu and Trong (or Con Trai cave – boy cave). Two statues face each other until now.

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