Tham Tet Toong cave

Tham Tet Toong cave

Tham Tet Toong cave

Tam Tet Toong cave is in Chieng An commune, Son La township, Son la province and it is about 2km from the centre of Son La township. Coming to Muong Lat orient, Chieng An is peaceful located beside the provincial road next to Chieng Phom and Chieng Ho.

The road to the cave is along a small earth path in the intersection of Chieng An, which is so wet and gliding but very romantic. One part of it is colorful wild flowers, and the other part is the cool pure water of the spring.

We could see the butterfly and dragonfly everywhere. Surrounding the cave is the ranges of mountains with green trees and in the way out of the cave, there is a green lake, which is connected to a system of water filtering for the daily usage of local people.

The cave is more than 150m long, which is separated into many parts with the stalactites of many shapes and colors. The scene in Tham Tet Toong cave is as mysterious as in a natural picture. There is a spring of stalactites like a group of bamboo, or there is a rock group creating a long cloud on the cave cliff. All combine to each other and create a wild and strange Tham Tet Toong and not less charming.

The upper part of the cave is the grandiose mountain ranges with the green trees. The inner part of the cave is a small pure river, which has a white waterfall flowing all day long. There are also the lines of pillars, which is hiding along the cliffs like the bamboo trunks.

In the morning, when there is sunlight, there is such a illusory world from the entrance gate of the cave with different colors of the stalactites.

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