Cam Duong cave

Cam Duong cave is considered the most beautiful cave in Yen Bai and could be listed as the group of 10 most beautiful caves in Vietnam.

Cam Duong cave has the location in the middle of Bach Ngoc Mountain, which is in Chinh Quan hamlet, Lieu Do commune, Luc Yen district, Yen Bai province. The cave could contain thousands of people with the entrance of 25m wide, the dome of 12m high, and many smaller caves inside. There are many stalactites in the cave with strange and beautiful shapes. There are also some channels inside.

The cave is quite undamaged and wild with merely touching of human being. According to Mr. Ta Xuan Hien, director of the department of culture, tourism and sport of Yen Bai, the cave could become the attractive tourist destination of the Luc Yen land. The people’s committee of Yen Bai has had the department of culture, tourism and sport to have the solution for preserving and develop this site.


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