Sung Sot cave

Sung Sot cave

Sung Sot Cave

Sung Sot cave (Surprised cave in Quang Ninh province) is just voted to be one of the ten most beautiful cavees in the world by the Czech travel agent association for its mysterious beauty of stalactites. Sung Sot cave was discovered in Bo Hon Island in the centre of the heritage group of Halong in 1991 by the French. With the special beauty and always giving surprise to the visitors, French people gave it the name “grotte de la surprise”.

The cave is about 10,000sq m and 30m high, and it is separated into two main parts. The first part is quite large with many stalactites and in different shapes of elephant, seal, leaves, etc. There are also stalactites hanging from the ceiling, which are like the cluster of bowls. From the first part to the second part, you would have to cross a small path. Beside the entrance to the second part, there are shapes of elephant and sword. It is said that Giong God before coming to the heaven have been in this place and helped people to beat evils and ghosts, and he left the sword and horse to calm people’s nerve. There are still signs of that battle for the footprints of horse, etc. In the dome, there is no water dropping from the stalactites. Instead of that, there are concaves like the ceiling of the theatre. The sound in this place is able to hear in echoes back, which are clearer. This is one of the typical karts caves with high value of science. Coming deeper, the landscape is more beautiful with the shape of a royal garden with the shapes of stones like cycad tree, ancient banyan trees, etc.

From the Bai Chay port, sitting on a ship to the South of 14 km, visitors would reach Bo Hon Island. From this point, you could cross 50 high staircases and go down for 10 more steps to come to the entrance cave. Following the long stone path for 800m from the beginning to the end of the cave, you would see the mysterious and magnificent beauty of this cave.


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