Chi Day Cave

Chi Day Cave

Chi Day Cave

Chi Day cave is located in Yen Son commune, Yen Chau district (Son La province). There is a beautiful cave, which is discovered in Chi Day Mountain. The special features of the cave have attracted many people to come and witness. Many visitors said there are many stone relics in different shapes, which encourage the curiosity of people.

From the national road No 6, coming to Co Noi commune, Mai Son district, and continue on Ca Nai pass for more than 15km, people will reach Dan village (Yen Son commune, Yen Chau district).

The cave system of Chi Day Mountain has three main caves. Two of them are next to each other, and the rest is 100m from them. The deepest cave is about 400m deep. The shortest one is about 200m. These cavees are created from the height of more than 100m from the foot of the mountain.

Like other cavees, the stalactites of these cavees are natural hanging from the ceiling. However, many of them look like the daily objects. The main shapes are the bulb, fruit, agricultural products and many shapes of animals.

The first cave is called Cha Day cave by local people. Apart from the white stalactites from the ceiling, there are many round rocks in the floor, which look like custard-apple fruit.

Coming in the deeper part, the cave is darker with many small rocky ball which look like plum ranging from different parts. People call it floating cake ground. The under part of them is the terraced steps which look like terraced field of people in mountainous area.

Along the path, there are many shapes of turtle, bald cypress, and lotus. There is some part, which is quite big and looks like dreaming land.

However, the most magnificent part is Tham Luon cave, which is about 100m from Cha Day cave. There are many white rocky blocks with hundreds of stalactites, which look like the giant white elephant. It is alight with sparkling whenever there was a light radiates them. Visitors like using the flashlight to watch them and many would not believe in the “white elephant” which is created by the nature.