Pa Thom cave

Pa Thom cave

Pa Thom cave

Located in the west of Dien Bien district, about 30km from the centre of Dien Bien Phu city, belong to two communes of Na U and Pa Thom, the national landscape of Pa Thom cave is certified in 2009 to be the interesting ecological tourism spot.

According to the topographer, in the valley area among the limestone mountains, under the deep surface is the underneath water lines which are not dry ever, therefore, the nature has created such a big cave and cavees with the forest of stalactites in different shapes like in Pa Thom today.

The way to Pa Thom is such a long nervous journey. About one hour driving from Dien Bien Phu city, over the valley and paddy fields around the villages, you would reach the foot of the limestone mountain, which is covered by the forest, cloud, and mystery. Crossing the Nam Ron spring by the raft, visitors would start a climbing journey, which tests your resistance with the supporting of forest fragrance and bird singings.

The higher it is, the more attractive visitors would feel. When you reach the entrance door of the cave, you would look down to the foot of mountain and be surprised by the location of your standing. It is a white field of cloud under the sunlight and somewhere over there is a Nam Ron spring, which is as thin as the thread.

While you come to the cave, you would see a giant stalactite elephant waiting for the visitors for thousands of years ago, which suggests many ideas of the wild animals world. The nice elephant look to the sky with the rejoice like going to roar and it has the crossing tusks which look strange.

Coming deeper to the cave, there is a giant cobra with the length of 20m; the skin of it is shiny like just creeping from the bottom of the cave. The deeper part of the cave would let you see some other stalactites in various shapes, like a coded message to pull back the steps of visitors, and think about the mysterious of the nature.

Besides, if they want to follow the stories of the marvelous time, come to the fairy cave in the road to the bottom of the cave. This is a blur room, which is shined by the torches. The gold and silver trays are put in the foot of the wall with the ivory color. The stone bed is smoothly covered behind the thin wind curtain, which is like made from the silver thread. The fairy cave is an endless thought about the eternal wish to have happiness of a couple, but the earth happiness is so faint…