Va cave – a more beautiful cave than Son Doong cave

Va cave – a more beautiful cave than Son Doong caveThis information is confirmed by vice president of ecological tourism Phong Nha, after his journey to find new caves with Bristish Caving Assosiation, led by Mr. Howard Limbert.

Accordingly, the group were in Va cave – one of the newly discovered eight caves before March 2012. They said Va cave has a system of stalactites that are more beautiful than Son Doong cave. It is rarely seen up to now.

This cave is only 1.7km long, about 400m from Son Doong cave, and it is easy for coming and investigating.

The looking part lasts for three months and the group has discovered seven new caves in the karst of Dai Ai, Dai Cao,  Hung Thoong, etc. This area is located in km 24 in Ho Chi Minh trail (West wing), and it is the first time investigating for the group in these karst. The new seven caves are named Wind (Gio), Ky (strange), Con Chay, Hai Cua (Double door), etc.

Accordingly, Mr. Ho Khanh – who discovered many caves and still leading the group for Mr. Howard Limbert to find the caves – said Hang Gio is quite different from the caves that have been discovered so far. This cave is round in shape, just like a dome flipping down. It is estimated that each bottom is 500 x 500m wide, which is really beautiful in terms of stalactites and strange in shape.