Abu Dhabi prince explores Son Doong Cave

Abu Dhabi prince Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan has taken part in an adventure tour which explored Son Doong, said to be one of the world’s most attractive caves.

Abu Dhabi prince explores Son Doong CaveHe was accompanied by two assistants and a friend in a six-day program-me to explore the entire cave from February 6 to 14.

According to Oxalis Adventure Tour, the exclusive organizer of tours to Son Doong Cave, the prince loves adventure and himself runs a prestigious magazine on tourism in the United Arab Emirates.

“The prince was amazed by the gorgeous beauty of the cave and reminded us about conserving the cave for the next generation,” said Nguyen Chau A, Oxalis’s director.

He said the prince promised to publicist the cave in his country and also bring his family to visit it.

Son Doong, which is ranked eighth in New York Times’ list of the world’s top 52 places to go in 2014, is said to be the largest cave in the world.