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Dich Long Cave Vietnam Cave

Dich Long Cave

The complex of pagoda and cave of Dich Long is located in Gia Thanh commune, Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province. According to the legend, this complex is in the neglected mountainous area, which was discovered by a woodman in 1739. The complex of pagoda and cave of Dich Long includes pagodas on the grandiose […]
Son Moc Huong Cave Vietnam Cave

Son Moc Huong Cave

Moc Chau is the gateway district of Son La province and the whole West North area. The main part of topography in this area is the Limestone Mountains. After thousands of years under the impact of the nature, big grottoes have been created. There are some grottoes that were used for living 30,000 to 70,000 […]
Phuong Hoang Cave Vietnam Cave

Phuong Hoang Cave

Phuong Hoang (Phoenix) grotto is located in Phuong Hoang Mountain in Vo Nhai district, which is about 45km from Thai Nguyen city. In the foot of the mountain, there is a small spring grotto called Mo Ga spring (chicken mouth). Phuong Hoang grotto, Phuong Hoang Mountain, and Mo Ga spring are the beautiful complex, which […]
Pac Bo Cave Vietnam Cave

Pac Bo Cave

Pac Bo is in Truong Ha commune, Ha Quang district, Cao Bang province that is about 55km from the north of Cao Bang Township. Pac Bo is the famous revolution vestige where president Ho Chi Minh was living and working to lead the Vietnam’s revolution. Pac Bo means “source mouth” according to the local language. […]
Con Moong Cave Vietnam Cave

Con Moong Cave

Con Moong grotto is located in Thanh Trung village, Thanh Yen commune of the mountainous district Thach Thanh, Thanh Hoa province. It is a familiar location for the archeologist in Vietnam and in the world. In the deep part of Con Moong, the relics of the ancient people are still available in the full way. […]
Tien Phi Cave Vietnam Cave

Tien Phi Cave

Tien Phi Cave in Hoa Binh province is locaed in the complex of Hoa Binh township. It is on the same tourism route with Hoa Binh hydroelectric plant and becomes the attractive destination for tourists. It is on the Thuc hill (or Thung Phi hill) with the gate faces the East North. From the outside […]
Tam Cung cave Vietnam Cave

Tam Cung cave

The cave is located in the centre of Halong Bay. It is about 5km to the East North of Sung Sot grotto (Surprised Grotto). There are three spaces in this cave, which needs the passing through many stone slits, and there are many stalactites in the shape of human, flower and beautiful animals. Tam Cung […]
Thien Cung Cave Vietnam Cave

Thien Cung Cave

With the stalactites and the magical lights, the most beautiful cave of the North of Vietnam attracts more and more domestic and international tourists. Thien Cung Cave located in the South of Ha Long (Quang Ninh province) which is about 4km from the port of Halong. It is on the Dau Go Island and at […]
Kinh Chu cave Vietnam Cave

Kinh Chu cave

Kinh Chu cave (or Duong Nhan cave) is located in Duong Nham village, An Sinh commune, Kinh Mon district, Hai Duong province. Kinh Chu cave is placed into the 6th rank of beauty in caves in Vietnam. From An Phu Mountain to the north, Duong Nhan mountain range looks like the giant rock-garden in the […]
Hua Ma cave Vietnam Cave

Hua Ma cave

Hua Ma cave (in Ba Be lake of Bac Kan province) is located in the halfway up the mountain. There are lots of beautiful stalactites with different shapes which are created during many million years. In the south of Ba Be and the Leng river of Quang Khe commune, the Co Don Mountain (lonely mountain) […]


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